Inspiration is what is there for us al the time, everywhere. Inspiration is the source of our existance, the essence of our being here. No inspired idea, no creation. We and everything around us is the result of an inspiration once received. Where do we receive the inspiration from? Good question.

See, I do not think we receive it from anywhere or any person. We make the flash of clear understanding or clear idea up by our own ability to process and recombine information. It is a pure genuine or in some aspects a species bound inspiration that fits a group which share the same information field.

How can some say: there is a lack of inspiration? To be honest, I do not know. Because inspiration is that what is there in abundance. The only thing we can do is close our antennas – our inspirational ability – by already thinking that we know what the answer is. True inspiration requires question and curiousity on what else is there we can create or how we sometimes perceive it as being received.

As human beings, we never really create anything. We are inspired to rearrange information or substances (matter) into new forms and combinations. We never really create something. We can gather things. But we never make the wool, which makes our clothes. We never make the grain that feeds us. We do not make the crude oil we turn into gas, plastic etc. We do not make the sand that makes us glas or semiconducters. We are ultimate consumers of matter and previous ideas. Be grateful for this experience. Endulge in it and make use of it as much as you can and desire.

There is no ending to the resources. Since what we draw our attention to will grow. Will materialize and get more. There is no ending supply of what we need. We do believe there is… but that is a trick in the game. What we put our attention to, will grow. The sun is also not finite. New science shows us, that the sun has no hot metal center. It is rather a focuspoint for energy. Attracting energy from the universe towards it and then being able to radiate back energy to matter – the planets around the sun.

We gide the way of energy which causes matter to come into excistence with our attention, believes, thoughts. What happens if we change the way we think and believe in our bodys capacities? The Iceman (Wim Hof) already proeves that we can change our abilities. Once thought that it was impossible to influence our inner organ and immun response control system. It was always believed we could not. Now it is proeven that we can. What else is possible. What else would you like to be possible?

What new inspiration can you come up with to make the world a place that you really enjoy living in? Have fun with this question and let it work for itself.


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